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Thinwall Square


Size Thinwall 500ml Thinwall  650ml Thinwall  750ml Thinwall  1.000ml Thinwall  1.100ml (3 Devider) Thinwall 1.500
L (Panjang) 173mm 173mm 173mm 173mm 227mm 162mm
W (Lebar) 123mm 120mm 123mm 120mm 175mm 162mm
H (Tinggi) 39mm 50mm 58mm 71mm 46mm 75mm
Qty/Pack 50pcs  50pcs  50pcs 50pcs 50pcs 50pcs
Qty/Carton 500pcs 500pcs 500pcs 500pcs 500pcs 500pcs
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We also provide thinwall products made from PP (polyproplyne plastic) which are equipped with a lid. Available in square and round shapes, it is suitable for wet and dry food storage and can be used more than once. This product can be put in the microwave to warm food or put in the refrigerator and freezer for food storage.

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Thinwall 1,100 ( 3 Divider ), Thinwall 1,000, Thinwall 500, Thinwall 1,500, Thinwall 750, Thinwall 650