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Based in Denpasar Bali, Yumico has been providing innovative solutions regarding food and beverage packaging supplies to its valued customers since 1996. The reason Yumico has survived for 28 years in the food and packaging industry is due to our repeat customers who can testify about the high quality products and services we provide. We prioritise our customer satisfaction by always innovating, providing a wide selection of quality food and beverage packaging and logo printing with the best quality, competitive prices and affordable minimum orders.

It’s no longer enough for a business to focus solely on profit. We need to try to make a positive impact on the world by replacing styrofoam and conventional plastic packaging with more environmentally friendly packaging such as paper, oxo bio-degradable plastic, bagasse, pla/corn starch.


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We understand the value of branding and are committed to being a market responsive company, delivering a wide range of innovative quality disposable food packaging products and providing excellent customer service. It is important to us that we should grow with all our customers while providing them with the right disposable food and drink packaging solutions


To provide innovative packaging solutions of the highest quality at competitive prices.


To constantly try to improve our services because customer satisfaction is our priority in everything we do.

Review by google

  • The products at yumico are always of high quality and the service is always great. It's the oldest packaging company in Bali. That's because of there continued high standards. They also offer branding/logo for packaging. I've always looked for reliability, good service and great products. I can always get that at yumico

    Mark Barnden Avatar Mark Barnden
  • Pertama kali datang rungan kantor yg nyaman, staff yg ramah serta produk yg dijual sangat lengkap. Pelayanan sangat memuaskan dan baik utk menjelaskan detail produk. sukses sll Yumico 🙏🙏

    Rossellini Junita Avatar Rossellini Junita
  • Really impressed by Yumico’s wide product range of packaging and supplies available. It’s great that Yumico has a special focus on biodegadable and environmentally friendly products. A real plus for the Bali environment. Greatly admired the new building, modern office, wide range of products, readily available supply, and the great team of people working at Yumico. The website is also excellent and is a great show case for all Yumico’s products.

    Jeff B Avatar Jeff B
  • Best service dan good product🙏🙏

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  • Lengkap untuk bahan bungkus membungkus, stok banyak.

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    Irwan Setiawan Avatar Irwan Setiawan
  • One of the most complete suppliers for food packaging. Very professional service and friendly. Would definitely recommend.

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    Phuc Vu Avatar Phuc Vu
  • Produk yang ditawarkan bagus-bagus juga eco friendly dan harganya sangat terjangkau

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    12_LeniLestari_057 Avatar 12_LeniLestari_057
  • Fast and responsive, friendly employees and satisfactory service especially for the custom logo branding. There are wide range of packaging you can put your logo into which is really recommended to ensure the products you're selling to be recognizable, just like other popular brands. Yumico is the shop i totally recommend for your product branding needs

    Dwi Jayantha Avatar Dwi Jayantha
  • Baru tau ada tempat yang lengkap gini. Awalnya bingung mau cari papercup yang isi gagang nya, setelah searching di ggogle map ketemu tempat ini. Walaupun keliatannya kecil ternyata Yumico punya barang yang lengkap sekali. Walaupun awalnya bingung gedungnya dimana tapi untung ada plangnya jadi gak susah lagi nyarinya. Pelayanannya juga sabgat ramah dna harganya sangat terjangkau. Bakalan jadi langganan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan alat2 yang bisa mengurangi penggunaan plastik

    Egar Prihandana Avatar Egar Prihandana
  • pelayanan ramah , cepat mengerti kebutuhan custumer sesuaii kebutuhan.

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    Komang Redyana Swastawan Avatar Komang Redyana Swastawan