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Paper Cup Hot Single Wall


Size 6,5oz 9oz 8oz 12oz 16oz
Ø Top 71mm 76mm 80mm 90mm 90mm
Ø Bottom 53mm 54mm 56mm 62mm 60mm
H (Tinggi) 78mm 91mm 95mm 105mm 127mm
Qty/Pack 50pcs 50pcs 50pcs 50pcs 50pcs
Qty/Carton 1.000pcs 1.000pcs 1.000pcs 1.000pcs 1.000pcs
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Paper cups that are only covered by one layer of paper, sometimes for extra hot takeaway drinks, require additional jacket sleeves, so that the customer's hands do not get hot. However, for standard hot drinks, no additional jacket sleeves are needed. Our singlewall paper cups can be added a single color logo according to your request.

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