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Paper Cup Cold


Size 9oz 12oz 16oz 22oz
L (Panjang) 76mm 79mm 90mm 90mm
W (Lebar) 54mm 53mm 60mm 60mm
H (Tinggi) 91mm 120mm 127mm 171mm
Qty/Pack 50pcs 50pcs 50pcs 50pcs
Qty/Carton 1.000pcs 1.000pcs 1.000pcs 1.000pcs
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Our paper cups for cold drinks are suitable for all occasions and seasons, perfect for all thirst quenching drinks. Our cup sizes range from 6.5oz to 22oz, available in plain white, pattern or custom logo printed upon request. Our cups are perfect for storing juices, smoothies, and other cold drinks. Lid sold separately.

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