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Kraft Salad


Size 500ml 750ml 1.000ml 1.200ml 1.300ml
Ø Top 145mm 140mm 140mm 170mm 184mm
Ø Bottom 125mm 125mm 125mm 145mm 160mm
H (Tinggi) 48mm 60mm 78mm 78mm 66mm
Qty/Pack 50pcs 50pcs 50pcs 50pcs 50pcs
Qty/Carton 300pcs 300pcs 300pcs 300pcs 300pcs
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Now we offer an exclusive range of disposable salad bowls which come sustainable sourced and are manufactured using renewable and manufactured from recycled material. Ideal for your business’ needs, whether it’s takeaway, snacking on the go or to enjoy on site, your customers will be able to enjoy fresh food. Our salad bowl offer improved functionality, come with their own elegant design and have an air tight lid which will keep your products fresh from the moment they’re prepared to the second they are consumed, offering that essential consumer satisfaction. These bowls are suitable for salad, breakfast muesli, dessert and rice bowl. Available in four sizes 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml & 1200 or 1300ml. Our ice cream/soup bowls are thicker than salad bowls with taller design, can go in the microwave, refrigerator and even freezer . Available in 8oz (240ml), 12oz (360ml), 16oz (480ml) and 32oz (960ml) sizes. All come with lids which are sold separately.

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Kraft Salad And Soup 500ml, Kraft Salad And Soup 750ml, Kraft Salad And Soup 1000ml, Kraft Salad And Soup 1200ml, Kraft Salad And Soup 1300ml