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Cake/Hampers Box


Size 18cm 20cm 22cm 25cm
L (Panjang) 180mm 200mm 220mm 250mm
W (Lebar) 180mm 200mm 220mm 250mm
H (Tinggi) 70mm 70mm 80mm 90mm
Qty/Pack 100pcs 100pcs 100pcs 100pcs
Qty/Carton 600pcs 600pcs 600pcs 600pcs


This packaging have long been the delicacy of choice to mark joyous occasions in a person’s life. Be it birthdays, mother’s day, traditional ceremony, welcome parties or even weddings, these occasions seldom feel complete without a beautiful and delicious cake or present to top things off.
As such, it is only natural that such a symbolic gift of celebration and affection be wrapped in a package of equal significance.
Choosing the right packaging to go with your food or present can go a long way to enhance the experience for the person receiving it. The ideal cake/pizza/hamper boxes should be able to build excitement for the items with its appealing designs while being able to protect the fragile items inside for transport. ?At Yumico, We carry a wide range of cake/hampers box, with or without windows in many designs and sizes. And we also provide a service where you can design your own packaging logos to fit your business or occasion and we’ll print those designs on your order.

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Cake Box 18, Cake Box 20, Cake Box 22, Cake Box 25