Aluminium Container Oval

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Aluminium Container Oval


Size EX 40 EX 230 EX 590 EX 7360
Ø Top 107x62mm 120x81mm 210x115mm 470x360mm
Ø Bottom 66x30mm 90x60mm 152x85mm 375x25mm
H (Tinggi) 13mm 44mm 43mm 90mm
Qty/Pack 100pcs 100pcs 100pcs 100pcs

By using aluminum container packaging from Yumico, you are free to work in the kitchen from small meals, main dishes to mouth-watering desserts. We understand your serving needs with various types and variations of attractive aluminum container shapes. Our product works as a baking tray (sheet?) that can be directly inserted into the oven and served immediately. Our products are very practical to use because they have the following advantages no need to remove the cake from the pan as they function as a container and are ready to go straight into packaging. No need to wash the pan. They are hygienic and can be cooked directly in the oven.

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EX 40, EX 230, EX 590, EX 7360