What Is Double Wall Paper Cup?

Feb 19, 2024 | News

Double Wall Paper Cup or double textured paper cups which are strong and heat resistant, are now increasingly environmentally friendly with tofu dregs as the base material. The basic ingredients used are very appropriate because ampat tofu is one of the organic wastes that is very abundant in Indonesia and is certainly more environmentally friendly than non-organic raw materials.

Better Quality Than Paper!

Apart from being environmentally friendly, this Double Wall Paper Cup also has quality that is no less than double wall paper cups in general. With a double texture on the glass, this double wall paper cup is able to keep your drink hot and lasts a long time.

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The use of double wall paper cups not only helps reduce the amount of waste, but also provides economic benefits for tofu farmers. By using tofu dregs as a basic ingredient, farmers can use the organic waste to sell or reuse it as fertilizer.

Is It Good Paper Or Dregs?

Apart from that, using double wall paper cups also provides added value to your business, because the more people who care about the environment and the more they choose environmentally friendly products, the more customers will choose your products.

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So, if you want to make a positive contribution to the environment and your business, try using double wall paper cups. This product can help reduce the amount of waste, provide added value for tofu farmers, and provide added value for your business by attracting customers who care about the environment.

So From The Conclusion Above

In conclusion, Paper Cup Double Wall is a good choice for hot drinks because the double wall design provides better insulation, while the addition of tofu dregs to the composition provides environmental benefits. By using these paper cups, we can enjoy hot drinks safely and support environmental sustainability.

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