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As the world becomes more aware of the damage to our environment through plastic waste, perhaps it’s time society and business owners think twice before they use conventional plastic packaging. Conventional plastic waste can take thousands of years to decompose . Plastic waste poses serious danger to human and animal health. It can also impact our streets, rivers, beaches and block waterways.  Yumico as one of the major packaging distributors in Bali, is aware of this and is making a breakthrough by providing environmentally friendly packaging that is easily biodegradable with various materials, models and various price variations, so you can choose packaging based on your budget and individual needs. The meaning of environmentally friendly packaging itself is packaging that is biodegradable, recyclable and safe for individuals and the environment.

There are many types of environmentally friendly packaging from Yumico, such as :


Our packaging is made of high quality food grade paper and is recommended as a healthier and environmentally friendly substitute for styrofoam and plastic material pakaging. Besides being strong and oil resistant, the taste of food and drinks will last longer and the container will not absorb moisture. Available in various shapes and sizes. Just name your food or drinks and we will provide the right packaging for you.


Our packaging material is brown kraft and food grade and has a smooth brown surface because it is not processed with bleach. Brown kraft is made from mixed Pulp (paper pulp) and recycled paper which is easily biodegradable so it is said to be a biodegradable material that is more environmentally friendly. Our kraft packaging forms include lunch boxes, cups, bags, bowls and trays which are available in various sizes and shapes. This range is highly preferred as eco-friendly food packaging because the base is a mix between new and recycled materials. Like all other Yumico products, this packaging remains focused on quality, functionality and aesthetics. The taste and texture of the food is well preserved because the paper material will not absorb moisture or leak. Our products are the perfect choice for all types of takeout, from snacks, bento, burgers, noodles, rice bowls, salads, ice cream, curries, pastas, coffee drinks and many more.


An alternative to environmentally friendly plastic packaging from Yumico is Oxo Biodegradable packaging. The packaging is made of an oxo-biodegradable additive, patented in the US which accelerates the molecular degradation process and chemicals in plastics thereby helping to overcome the large accumulation of plastic waste. Oxium’s exclusive formula is made from naturally available minerals that are non-toxic. Oxium is used as an addictive in low doses to ordinary plastics to make ordinary plastic products turn into oxo-biodegradable plastics. Our products have pocketed SNI Ecolable, and passed the ASTM D6954 test.

4. BAGASSE (Sugarcane Pulp)

Bagasse is one of the products from yumico made from bagasse which has many natural features that make it ideal for use in food packaging to take home. Oil and water resistant with no additional chemicals required. High temperature resistance, microwave and fridge save. High strength and durability. It is also high insulating and  bio degradable .


Yumico as a company that prioritizes innovation and tries to reduce the use of plastic in packaging. For the last few years we have also provided a choice of packaging made of calcium. This product is similar to paper. If it is burned it will immediately turn to ashes and if stored for too long or exposed to air and direct sunlight becomes brittle and weathered so it is very environmentally friendly.


Pola green is Yumico’s new food grade packaging series that uses the latest resource from corn flour. Now available in tray shape. Item tray is the right choice in supermarkets to replace plastic containers or styrofoam tray which are harmful to individuals and the environment. Our trays are suitable for packing fruit, fresh produce, meat, seafood and so on.


Yumico provides materials from bamboo that can also be used for food and drinks. Such as bamboo straws, skewers, toothpicks, chop sticks and many more.

8. CASSAVA PACKAGING (cassava flour)

We also have Cassava packaging, suck as bags and straw. Cassava bags are made of cassava flour which can accommodate dry items weighing up to five kilograms and are claimed to be more sturdy than conventional plastic bags. Also, it decomposes naturally within six months and can be turned into compost.

These are some of the materials that can be used as an alternative to conventional plastic packaging products. So with many options for packaging you can easily adapt your product and help contribute to cleaning up the environment. Because doing business is not only about profit. We need to all help develop change and help in our own small way to make a positive impact on the world for generations to come by replacing Styrofoam and conventional plastic packaging with more environmentally friendly packaging such as those mentioned above.

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